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Moberg shares his goals for 2018

Scott Moberg,
2018 HBA President

The Home Builders Association of Metro Denver (HBA) has elected Scott Moberg as its 2018 president. Moberg is the owner of Denver area home builder Joyce Homes. More than 150 HBA members attended the Installation and Recognition Reception held on December 6th at Palazzo Verdi in Greenwood Village.  Attendees witnessed the installation ceremony of the 2018 HBA Board of Directors and Executive Committee leadership team.

Scott Moberg presented the following heartfelt address that outlines his progression to becoming the HBA 2018 President as well as his goals for the coming year.

If you would have told me, 3 years ago, that I would be standing up here, I probably would have laughed at you.  At that time, I was seriously considering cancelling my HBA membership. I don’t think it’s a big secret to anyone what my thoughts of the HBA were at that time. 

Unfortunately, I was that “uninformed” small builder that didn’t really see the benefit.  So…how do I go from a “non-believer” in the HBA to standing here now? 

Well, here’s the story: 

Roughly 6 years ago I got an invite from the HBA to be a part of a feedback panel.  At this feedback session I found myself in a room, mostly full of people I did not know.  After being open and honest about my thoughts of the HBA, at that time, it was clear to me that I was truly uninformed of its benefits.  

There were two gentlemen in the crowd, in particular, that made this very clear to me.  If these two guys could have dragged me out of that room, by my collar, I think they would have.  

At the time, I had no idea who these guys were, but today, I feel like I need to take this opportunity to personally apologize to Matt Osborn and Dave Miles.  

After this incident, I went off and did my thing, I’m sure the HBA did too.  About 2 – 2.5 years, later, I was sitting in my office and the phone rang.  My secretary picked up the phone and I could hear her talking to some type of solicitor.  She set the phone down and walked back to my office and told me that there was a “Jeff Whiton” on the phone.

Of course, my first thought was, Oh no.  My second thought was, let’s hear what Jeff has to say.  

I picked up the phone and after a brief introduction, Jeff says “we need to get you involved at the HBA.”  After being a bit surprised by this, I thought, What the hell, let’s do it.  I asked Jeff, what is the process, how do I get involved?  Jeff quickly explained to me that there are various councils that I could join. 

He then explained the process of rising through the ranks of the council, which would eventually lead to a seat on the board of directors for the HBA.  He then mentioned that there are also a few board seats that need to get filled by a builder every year.  

I immediately said, “I interested in one of those board positions, how do I get one of those?”   Jeff kind of chuckled and said… let’s focus on a council for now.  

So… Jeff starting telling me about the Sales & Marketing Council.  Having a background in Marketing, I said, “That sounds good. How do I get involved?”  We wrapped up the conversation with Jeff saying we will be in touch and he would be sending me some information.

A short time later I got an email from Jeff, inviting me to an interview.  I accepted and a couple weeks later I found myself in a room with, what I considered to be, industry icons asking me all kinds of questions – most of them related to the HBA and marketing.  

I left that interview thinking that it went well but I also remember thinking – this Sales & Marketing Council is a bigger deal than I thought.  

After this, a couple of weeks went by and I received another email from the HBA inviting me to a “General Membership” meeting.  If I recall, the email explained that I had to be there because the event was to recognize the new board.  I was pretty confused, but I registered and went to the event.  

It became fairly clear to me, at this event, that this board was something larger than the Sales & Marketing Council.  

A short time later I found out that I was one of the two builders appointed to the HBA board by Chris Presley.  So, Chris, again, I thank you for this opportunity.

The next 12 months proved to be a huge learning experience for me.  Sitting on the HBA board opened my eyes to all of the great benefits of being a member of the Association… Not to mention getting to know many great leaders of the industry. 

After a year on the board, I was invited to join the EC.  Because of this opportunity, I figured it’s probably in my best interest to learn more about the inner workings of the HBA.  So, I dove in head first. 

I got involved with the CBRC, I got involved with multiple committees and task forces… and I also served on the Board of the HBF.  I essentially took a two-year crash course on all things HBA.  

And that brings us to today.  

Over the past three years I have not only learned, but I have witnessed firsthand, what this association does for all builders, large and small. 

I can now confidently say that the fees that I pay to the HBA have great value and I will continue to support this organization for as long as I am in business.  

Now… this story is fine and great, but let’s be real.  

Everyone in this room probably joined the HBA to advance their career in some way.  I certainly did.  How does my story with the HBA translate to the real world of advancing my career?  

Well, coincidentally, it was roughly two years ago that I set out to transform my company from a scattered lot, custom home builder, to a higher-end production builder.  

As you can well imagine, this is not something I could do on my own.  

That being said, I am excited to report that Joyce Homes is set to break ground on an 80 lot project, starting roughly 10 days from now.   

I know that one of the reasons I was given this opportunity is because of the team that I assembled, through my relationship with the HBA.  

Ironically, Dave Miles is one of those team members.    

As you can imagine, I can’t put a number on what the HBA has done for myself and Joyce Homes.  

So… Mr. Jeff Whiton… on behalf of my wife and daughters, at home in bed… I thank you for that phone call 3 years ago.

So… What does the HBA have in store for 2018?  

First off, it is very important for me to carry on the efforts of our past Presidents.

We will continue to work side by side with the Colorado Homebuilding Academy to put skilled workers into the workforce.  

We will continue efforts to streamline process and procedure to grow membership and maintain the financial stability of this organization.  

And since we can’t put 100 builders on the Board of Directors, and give them the experience that I had, it’s my goal to improve communications to our members to get the word out about all the great things the HBA does for us. 

I feel that technology will play a huge part in accomplishing this.  It is my goal to give our members a streamlined communication tool.  Whether its registering for an event, paying invoices, or simply looking for help with an issue you are having with the industry, our members need a clear, defined, and efficient way to work with the HBA.  

We need to streamline a program for associate members to reach out to builders so they can grow their businesses.  I am happy to say that Karl has allowed me to start this effort, to develop this communication tool during his 2017 term.

You all will see improved efficiencies in the near future.  

I look forward to continuing all of these efforts and serving as your 2018 HBA President.

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